Below you will find the most important information about each W+P Green Lunch we have hosted so far. We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering!


13th GREEN LUNCH Frankfurt: Sensor technology and user data

“What is all feasible – and what of it makes sense?” Based on this question, Manuel Weber, who works as Product Manager Connected Light at our cooperation partner Waldmann, gave us a great insight into digitalization in the lighting sector with his keynote speech on the topic of sensors and user data.

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1st GREEN LUNCH Munich: Modular building

Discussion round on the possibilities and opportunities of modular construction for residential and commercialflächen and illustration by means of the pilot project “Living for all at the Dantebad”.

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10th GREEN LUNCH Frankfurt: Decision making

How do we make decisions and what influence do our feelings and our mind have on the decision in the working world. Discussion about the processes behind complex decision-making mechanisms and how they can be trained in stressful work situations.

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