W+P creates benefits

With over 21 years of experience in the conception and implementation of real estate strategies and modern work environments, we have developed a unique wealth of experience that we are happy to share with clients and business partners.

W+P supports companies and project teams from all sectors, and with very different tasks.

As generalists, we always keep track of complex real estate projects – from strategy development to project management in the course of realisation – with the help of proven methods.

As specialists, we draw on many years of expertise in the conception, planning and realisation of innovative work environments. Our interdisciplinary team of architects, real estate and organisational consultants pursues one goal together with you: thinking ahead to tomorrow.

From the initial project idea through selection of the right building to implementation of a new management and corporate culture – we always take a holistic view of your project and have your success in mind.

Our holistic approach

In our daily work, we constantly pursue the goal of creating work environments from which our customers will benefit in the long term. To be able to guarantee this, we create future-proof solutions that are exactly tailored to the wishes and needs of each individual client. We achieve this by constantly weighing up and harmonising the four core areas of Strategy, Space, People and Technology.

W+P Team

Our motivation

Unser Team wird tagtäglich angetrieben von der Neugier auf Veränderung, dem Spaß an der Arbeit, der Kreation origineller Lösungen, der Zusammenarbeit mit kompetenten und zuverlässigen Partnern und zufriedenen Kunden, die uns ihr vollstes Vertrauen entgegenbringen.

Our team is driven every day by the curiosity about change, enjoyment in working, the creation of original solutions, cooperation with competent, reliable partners and satisfied customers who place their full trust in us.

We are convinced that we can only achieve our corporate goals in the long term if we all pull together. In order to continuously maintain team spirit and create a work environment characterised by well-being and empathy, we build on shared experiences that awaken emotions.

With our work, we uphold the responsibility to conserve resources through a sparing use of materials and to do our bit to raise awareness for sustainable, globally conscious action within society.

In the long term, we are laying the foundation for future generations with optimum handling of innovative and sustainable work environments.

Vision W+P

Our vision

We demonstrably increase the productivity and well-being of your office staff. To achieve this, we develop our performance measurements further so that people can always be seen as the most important resource in a company.

We develop CO²-neutral office concepts, which are founded on our database of ecological certified products. in all cases. As the next step, we develop analysis instruments with partners to identify the ecological footprint, so allowing our concepts to be optimised.

We offer automated planning services. With the help of our AI-supported planning tool, we automate repetitive, labour-intensive tasks and can simulate customer-specific work environments with avatars. This way we want to focus even more closely on intensive support for our customers and the creation of valuable customer experiences.

Our values and culture

Our company’s success is essentially based on that of our customers. We therefore strive to generate maximum benefit for customers and so increase their well-being in the long term. We can only achieve this if we constantly remind ourselves of our corporate values and culture and act accordingly.

Customer benefit & well-being
Customer benefit & well-being
Sustainability & responsibility
Sustainability & responsibility
Innovation & creativity
Innovation & creativity
Expertise & multi-talents
Expertise & multi-talents
Sparring partner & active leadership
Sparring partner & active leadership
Transparency & structure
Transparency & structure
Experience & enjoyment
Experience & enjoyment

Company history

Stadtvilla Augsburg - First company headquarters

— 2011 —

After working for national and international real estate consultancies, Dr. Roman Wagner decided to set up his own company in 2011. Initial projects were acquired via the network and implemented with long-standing partners.

The founders at a strategy workshop

— 2013 —

In 2013, long-time companion Jens Schneider joined the new company and the partnership Dr. Wagner & Partner (W+P) was born.

Since then, Dr. Roman Wagner and Jens Schneider have been jointly responsible for the fortunes of the company.

Location foundation

— 2014 —

In 2014, the sites in Berlin and Frankfurt were borne from the growth strategy adopted for the business and have since this time offered customers direct support without long-winded processes.

Party in FFM

— 2017 —

W+P Afterwork Shipping was created in Frankfurt in 2017 as an appropriate setting for regular social events in the company of long-standing friends and partners. Here relationships and trust can continue to grow to the accompaniment of laid-back beats and a striking view of the Frankfurt skyline.

WOW colleagues

— 2019 —

In 2019, W+P workspace consulting GmbH was set up in the framework of a holding structure, creating a basis for managing the three sites with even greater independence in future.

In September of this year, W+P joined forces with its partners Vepa and GBP to lease WOW – Working the Future! on the 20th floor of the Westhafen Tower in Frankfurt am Main. WOW stands for Westhafen Office Works and showcases a diverse and smart working landscape equipped with the latest technology and sensor systems.

Smart Wall W+P

— 2021 —

A business development team was appointed in 2021 to align the development of innovative future topics such as AI architecture and CO²-neutral office concepts even more closely with the needs of customers. W+P thus sees itself as an innovator and a motivator for constant change and will remain an expert project partner for its clients.

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Become part of an agile and dedicated team of professionals from the sectors of (interior) architecture, real estate economics and organisational development and help us to create innovative and sustainable work environments for our clients.


Become part of an agile and dedicated team of professionals from the fields of (interior) architecture, real estate economics and organizational development and help usto create innovative and sustainable working environments for our clients.

Employee Benefits

Our current vacancies

W+P Sustainability

As a service provider, we are committed to ensuring work environments worthy of their employees and feel ourselves under an obligation vis-à-vis both society and the environment. For this reason, we have decided to reflect on our company’s actions in terms of ecological, social and economic sustainability.

That is why we support numerous charitable projects and organisations as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In addition, we consistently pursue our vision of realising exclusively CO2-neutral projects in the medium term with the aim of increasing the well-being, health and performance of users in interior spaces in the long term.

We use the guidelines of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) as a basis here.

This W+P Sustainability Report 2019-2020 also discloses our internal corporate goals to further increase transparency for customers and to clarify the added value we offer in our consulting services.