A project in cooperation with D’NA – UNIQUE CORPORATE SPACES

Project period

2018 – 2022


8.500 m²

Number of workstations



Activity based working

Sharing ratio


Initial situation

The owner-occupied office building located in Haar could not meet the expectations of meeting, communication and agile cooperation anymore. 2017 a relocation was planned and backed up by a market analysis in the east of Munich. In the favored quarters “Die Macherei” a lease contract for part M5 of the building was signed in 2018. The goal was to create an activity-based working (ABW) concept for MSD which represents the individual character of MSD and supports the success of the upcoming years. In the process, the participatory transformation process in the sense of the subsidiary of the future should include and consider sustainability, digitalization, mobility, new work, well-being, diversity, inclusion and leadership aspects. 



  • Real estate strategy including market- and location analysis, building scorings and recommendation 
  • Basic determinations & needs assessment, space and functional program 
  • Interior design for office space and special areas 
  • Idea competition & furniture tender 
  • User consulting to the owner 
  • Project & relocation management 
  • Transformation support 
  • Post move support 


The project MSD – Die Macherei does not only stand out from the office projects of the last years due to its inspiring design made by D´NA. The biggest challenges for this project were formed by the international cooperation, the far-reaching needs of a special and modern work environment and the dedicated goals of the company regarding the inclusion of handicapped employees. 
Especially the far-reaching transformation process with over 10 teams of the company added to the success of reaching a 100% accordance of the project goals with the achieved results and a very positive feedback of the employees: That is why the company and the project team spared no effort to provide the best possible outcome for all employees of MSD and for the upcoming work in the Macherei. 

“From our point of view, W+P is the ideal partner when it comes to the combination of change and construction project management.” 

Wolfgang Stenger 

Director Employee Experience & Inclusion Officer

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